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How to use the Contributor Kit in Photopea:

Download Contributor Kit

  1. Open the PSD file (Top left corner, File > Open).

  2. Click on the Type Tool (or use the keyboard shortcut “T”) and click on the downward-facing arrow to the right of the font name.

  3. From there, you’ll click on LOAD FONT, and navigate to the font, Share Tech Mono. (Look for it in the Contributor Kit.)

  4. Then, click on the “Name” layer (look to the bottom right of the window) and change “Name” to whatever you want to be named on the website.

  5. Import the photos you’ve taken into the browser by clicking on the Background layer, then clicking on File > Open and Place... Your image should show up below the Black Bar layer and above the Background layer.

  6. Export your photo as a JPG (remember to check that your resolution is at least 1920x1080), and you’re done!


Please double-check your submission against our SHEET and, if possible, do a quick search to see if it is up on the site in female or male form.


Now that you’re in the big leagues, and you’ll need to send me your contributions to my email address: Just let me know what the item is named in-game (the subject line or photo file names are fine ways of doing this). Your contribution(s) will be up on the site the next time I upload a batch of photos and items—normally once a week.

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