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Back with a vengeance, biiiitch

We're fucking back. Better than ever. It's time to get this shit on the road again. Two weeks downtime and I've finally gotten past the cold and other stuff so we're firing on all cylinders. Redid the front page..again.. Because it wasn't very practical. At all. So now it is. At least a lot more so than it was. We've gotten around 30 new items up on the site the last week but that should pick up nicely over the next week, closing in on that magical 600 items mark.

Hope you're all still playing and having fun.

The Lookbook has also been updated AT LAST. I've been holding that off forever. So now you've got more or less all current items on there to find your look.

Have a lovely week chooms.

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Deb Henly
Deb Henly

Thank you for all your hard work! Much appreciated! <3

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