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Updated: Jan 17, 2021

UPDATE: With it being a bit much work, I'll be tweaking it a bit for ease to lower the bar a bit so more people can compete so it's not a total dud.

Instead of creating an entire pug, make a Discord Emoji of said PUG. With our discord server release soon, that's more than enough. IF anyone has already started on your pug, send me a mail with your progress and I'll throw a consolidation price your way! So you thought you had a weird day. It just got weirder..

As part of Cyberpunk404's dedication to bringing you the best experience this side of the blackwall, I am in dire need of a very important asset that will be the first face you see when entering the site.

Let's call him Snowball and he's ready to style on some bitches. You better get in, choom.

Why is there a cyborg pug with a personal quadcopter jetpack? Ask Arasakas R&D Division.

All we know is.. We need a digital copy of him made in his grand vision to please the gods.

The NCPD's artist sketch of the above picture before the witness went cyberpscycho from the encounter is a rough representation of the final idea, but some creative liberties are always allowed. Though, it has to be a pug. It has to be golden. Because we be dripping white gold on all them bitches at the dog pound. (not literal gold, just same as in pic)

So, what exactly is required to be part of it? There are a few ground rules. To win the pug in question needs to have a few key features.

*The little shit must have a quad styled jetpack backpack with a harness. No restrictions on color.

*Must use a visor like the one shown, feel free to customize the info shown! I'm a nerd, wow me.

*Must follow the websites color theme as far as possible for main color use. Yellow, Red or Black.

*Only golden fur, it fit's the best for the overall scene in question. Golden fur for a golden dong, dawg.

*Must have Snowball on harness front.

*Must have a cat kill score ala Fighter Pilots on one of the quad pillars

*Optional to have cybernetics slight alternations as long as it does not fully ruin or change the look of a pug.

*Higher resolution the better. No potato please.

*Can be both digital or real composite. As long as its not infringing on anyone's CC

*Mark subject field as "GIG: Snowball, Samurai Pug"

The contest will be going for two weeks, starting the 15th of January, and ending on January 29th.At that time, a winner will be picked and published on Reddit as part of full transparency.

If for whatever reason I find my match before that, I reserve the right to do a sudden death winner to whoever wows me past any reason of doubt, but at the earliest after one week ( 22th January)

If no entrants fill the requirements up to spec, we'll run a reddit vote to find the best 2 entries and give that entry the key. One weekend revolver showdown. (29th January > 31st January)No limit on entries, but if you send me stick figures of a pug fifteen thousand times I will send him on you. Not even Animals will be able to save you once this little monster get's a hold of your choomba stick.

As well as winning a copy of the game for PC, you'll be added to the Legendary Choombas page with your own legendary story made based on a backstory of your choice.

You'll also be able to throw down a link at the end to whatever social media or otherwise as long as it's appropriate. I' will also require a save game if possible for getting your legendary photos taken. Or at the very least get a badass one sent of your V looking menacing AF.

Your creation will be shown at the home screen which is currently being developed.

To be able to enter you simply need to send me the photo to

See you all over at for all your styling needs.

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Jan 15, 2021

It's a crafts and arts project effectively. The new front page needs a new hero. So I figured I could let the great community have a shot at it so I don't have to. Use whatever means you like effectively!


I am really sorry for the dum dum question, but How can I create that content? should i use photoshop? or create an asset and download to somewhere?

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