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Interactive map deal, new homepage and discord launch..etc

Another week, another update to the shareholders.

I mean, coffee cup supporters are some kind of shareholder.. right?

Maybe? Fuck knows.

I’ll try and keep it short.... Who am I kidding.. 1)

I’ve got in contact with the great owner and operator behind Pure Cyber Punks interactive map.

We’ve struck a deal in mutual assured destruction. Also known as working together in a trial period to see if it works out. What that means is the location of items in the future will be converted to their inhouse coordinates. This will ensure all our members on the site can easily find the items they want once we get properly into that in Phase 2.

For now it’s mostly a matter of whatever happens to have been stumbled upon having information. I’m really hyped about this as it will mean we’ve got a great ally going forward to quickly and easily let people know where stuff is.


I’ve done a lot of work behind the scenes to get the groundwork ready for our new homepage.

Since I was a bit to ambitious *I’ll admit it* In our contest, I downgraded it to an emoji contest instead for a CP2077 key. So, I’ve made our new pug of death. Rumored to have been the first successful animal trail victim of Relic. Possibly Hellman's own pug in fact. But that’s only rumors in the static. All we know is he’ll be with us for the upcoming rework of our home screen as we get more categories rolled out during phase 3. The main home screen will be a big vertical slice uninterrupted with some witty and more pug madness to introduce the categories. A good choom of myself in real life will be doing the voice overs for our Video intros for the categories, thank you again Ørjan! With our own CptCharleston helping with the video directing. Blessed.


I think our Discord server is about ready to be tried out for those who wish.

Right now it’s mostly been Chombattas to talk between ourselves for our contributions and such.

However, I would be honored to have you drop by. It’s going to be specifically for the scope of 404 though, so if you want a fully fledged all things CP2077, Low Sodium Cyberpunk Disco is still your best bet at a great community of chooms for everything else! Cyberpunk404 Disco:


I’ve just gotten a week of vacation from work, so as some of you might already have noticed the content train is again starting to roll. If all goes well I’m hoping I can at the very least get us up to about mid 600’s items by the end of the week. I might also take a few breaks during the week to start some fundamental preparations for the weapons and vehicle pages as those are pretty quick to do compared to the massive task that has been getting the clothing churned out.

Thank you all for contributing to this. Right now I’m saving up a bit of choom content before rolling it all out in a bulk due to the time it takes to do right.

But You’ve not been forgotten in my inbox! I promise you all that.


We’ve gotten a great new font that is almost ready to see the web. It’s *the* font you need and want. It’s the best Cyberpunk font I’ve seen with my very own blue eyes. From the same legendary Chombatta that gave us the new Logo we all so much enjoy. Can get a glimpse of it in action on the new homepage with Snowball. It’s insanely good.

A toast to you, J, you anonymous legend you. Much love.

I look forward to getting you Chooms more great content in the coming months and am still humbled by all your great support throughout the project.

It’s insane to me how many souls are there to throw down their own free time to help the community create something we all wanted. Thank you ALL from the bottom of my heart.

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