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Updated UI, color filter for clothes, console commands etc

So it's weekend again. Praise the gods.

I've been working hard over the last couple of days on implementing some new preem features that has been requested but not had the time to get around to before now. I really need some cyberpunk hardware to link my brain directly to the web. Just saying.

We've got a bitching new Logo on the site, which I can't thank you enough for J. With amazing support and help in the project like that, we're going to scale that Blackwall faster than anyone could ever have thought. Since you're a bit shy and don't want your info out there yet, that's all I can say for now. I hope you guys love it as much as me.

The first features is the ability to filter by color. That sounds easy but it's a bitch of a job since it's essentially going through every store item and adding in a section to each article to specify what colors a item is. (including but not limited to special types. Carbon, Graffiti, Roses etc) That then get's added to the filter and you can therefor easily color match stuff going forward. Not all of the clothing are done, but about 90% is. So going forward, that's the new standard. It only takes about 2 min extra to do it per item so I might as well.

The same goes for the ability to find console commands for all current items, and by extent therefor add thing with the console. I've added console commands to almost every item (like above, about 75%) which also takes.. a lot of time. Who knew a massive project would take time to flesh out. What this means is that if you now want an item, and you're not on console, you can easily copy paste the code into the console (If you've downloaded the mod for it) and be able to get all the items straight into your inventory. More so handy since most items don't have a location yet.

Speaking of locations. There's also been added a new sub section in the info (bottom of the clothing pages, with the console command) for the location info once it starts showing up. Like everything else, this is a manual job per item. So it made sense to do it all in one batch instead of waiting until every item in the game was in. That would just be to tedious after testing. I've spent the better part of 26 hours just updating the above 3 now to work properly with all items. And I'm not even done. ha ha...ha. I don't even want to guess how long it would take me with a full 1800 or so items store. So instead, you, the lovely people of 404 get the added features early that was originally planned for Phase 2. Yay!

I've decided to add all clothing items into separate store entries. That just doubled my workload effectively. But, theres reason behind the madness. Quite a few items look totally different on a male v vs a female v. To be able to showcase both in one store page is..or has been a nightmare in testing. It's just not a good enough solution in my humble opinion. So, we'll be adding another filter (yay for filters) you can turn on or off to find Male and Female clothing. Right now it's a pretty basic category filter, later on it will be a proper filter like colors so it can stack properly with your other filters.

All the store member pages has also been re-done as I might have possibly forgotten that I have a fully functional store. With that also added the freaking store basket. Yeah.. I don't know how I overlooked that either.

For those that has been wondering: The store is a FULLY CLOSED loop. It will never ask for payment info. It will go through and send a order to my mail which goes into a folder and sits there. Forever. Alone**.** So Alone. That generates a sell order on my backend as well but it just sits as open order. I might send a funny mail out from the context of your order if I've got a second (hint: I don't) but it's mainly a great way to keep your own Wishlist stored locally for yourself. Find some cool looking gear you want to keep an eye out for? Just buy it on the site. You'll get a recipe of your purchase in your mailbox and voila.

Another important part is I've finally gotten around to start adding in, rather slowly but still, all the amazing photoshoots that community members have been sending in. This takes a bit longer to do vs my own photography but I can't just hold it off forever as it's WAY to good to leave sitting in a mail box. I just had to develop a easy way to give everyone their name recognizable without taking to much away from the overall picture. I hope you guys will love it as much as I am. After all, this all takes a lot of time. And I hope the copyrights showcase their great names and who they are well enough.

Work has started on getting a Discord Server setup.(Yay, another discord server, V, we've only got fifteen million three hundred and ninety nine thousand five hundred and nine others of those!) Yes. I know. I know. I know. But it's the only easily interactable solution I can think of, to at the very least bring together the powerhouse that is the contributors to a platform that is easy to use, and powerful enough for our needs. I can only do so much over mail.

This should be out hopefully tomorrow night. But we'll see. (see above why it might take a day or two extra..) Not like I've really got time to spare, but it's chugging along nicely. Long live the workaholic in me working doubles ha ha.

I hope everyone is having a great time otherwise. It's a blast to flesh it out and see the traffic it generates to fellow chooms from all over the world. I couldn't be happier. Your way to generous coffee donations has kept my brain chugging along hard. And for that, I'll be forever grateful to you all.

And on that bombshell, I'll see you next time. Fashionista Queen of the Blackwall, V

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Jan 10, 2021

Hello Teddie! Glad you like it. Color tagging is easy to do, it's just a few clicks extra for each item so not really much anyone can help on that part sadly. I'll gladly add the second idea there, that would be pretty damn cool. Like most things, would require a bit of extra work, but should be decently fast to add all things considered!


Teddie Goldenberg
Teddie Goldenberg
Jan 10, 2021

Great job so far, and the color filter will be great. Have you thought of using crowd-sourcing for the color tags (or just tagging in general)? ** Another suggestion: allowing people to add (or just suggest) links to real-world clothing items that come closely as possible to the in-game one.

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