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6th Street Tactical Harness

6th Street Tactical Harness



GIG: Executive Assassination

Target: Emanuel Ortiga Derova

You've come highly recommended from the 6th street cadre. 

According to your commander you'd like first dibs at wetting anyone into kiddie diddling.

We've got a preem gig for you then. 

Emanuel thinks he's safe but he leaves corpo protection once a month to visit his BD stash. 

I dont even want to know what shit is in there. 

Burn it to the fucking ground after you wet the sick fuck. 

He's alone with only his bodyguards for that 45 minutes. 

I've laid out his routine the last 9 times he's been there. 

Remember, no trace. You have to BD it for confirmation. 

Spread it to the N54 News or whoever will show the world the truth behind the glamour. 

Make him fear the day he touched my Niece. Leave him burning to a fucking crisp.

Thank you for doing this. The family paid for the Gig. 

Good luck. Deets are in the OPORD. Happy hunting. 


Color: Green
  • Console Code


  • Location of Item

    Where: TBA
    Location Info: TBA

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