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6th Street Ultralight Windbreaker

6th Street Ultralight Windbreaker


"Get ready. Mike, I'll remote hack the barricade. You ram through with the mule and start blasting those corpo fucks. Standby. Standby. Standby. Execute!"


The mule with the 6th street members blast out from a side alley and roar through the street in oncoming traffic before pulling the handbrake at the last possible second, scandinavian flicking the vehicle first the oposite way of direction then into the left to get the mule to rotate the way it needs to. The two operators on the pickup bed holding on for dear life and start opening up on the guards at the facility.


"Go go go. Kill whoever is outside and blow up the trucks! Exfil in 30 seconds!" The veteran guards didnt know what the fuck had happend before they all were on the ground bleeding out. The gate guard tried heroically to assault the first dismount with his baton but soon ate a full double barrel blast to the chest and head making a grotesque corpse covering the assaulter in blood and guts.


They tried valiantly to regroup and take the fight to the 6th street members but couldnt get their heads above any cover without seeing their brain matter evacuated from the overwhelming firepower barreling down on them. "10Seconds! Throw the explosives now!" The techie in the group runs across the short distance throwing bags of plastic explosives at each front gate. Mixed with incindiary and tear gas canisters to give the best bang for the buck.


The smart weapon tracers going around him like a angry hornets nest. The netrunner on the 6th street team working overtime to jam the smart weapon link. Geting back into the back of the pickup just in time for the known buzz of the TT teams AV barreling down on them. "Times up! EXFIL, EXFIL, EXFIL!" The team all hurry back into the up armored mule before throwing it in reverse and screaming back up into the main street, the pickups roof gunners emptying mag after mag in the short window of time as they drive in reverse at top speed down the road before flicking it 180 degrees, almost flinging the pickup bed gunners off in the extensive Gs.


Throwing the little mule into the safety of the tight back alleys for their escape just in time for the TT team to set down in the courtyard unsure of their faith. "Blow it" the team leader said coldly. The netrunners eyes turned blue for a second as he connected to the remote on the explosives. KABOOOOOOM. Windows flexing and vibrating to their breaking point as the shattering glass rain down on people across the block. The ground shaking violently for a couple of seconds as the blast makes it's way outward. Another succesfull gig.


"That should teach anyone not wanting to pay protection money on our fucking turf to pay up! Gonk fucks. Good job guys. Everyone unharmed? Good. Only a few bruises and through and throughs. Drinks on me chooms!"


Color: Camo
  • Console Code


  • Location of Item

    Inside the garage at gas station at Fuel Station. Right side of building. Inside far left corner; 2470.12, 715.035 Stylishly - Little China - Watson

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