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Amber-04 Titanium Plated Ballistic Vest

Amber-04 Titanium Plated Ballistic Vest



"Listen, you smoothbrained cunt. I don't have time to stand here and talk to your so called news organization. In fact I've got a  sniper zeroed in on your brain box. So if you don't step the FUCK OFF OUR PROPERTY within 30 seconds I will NOT hestitate to tell him to execute you. You're cleary a threat to the compounds security.


I'll have your family shanghaied away during the night in one phone call. Your accounts frozen. Your pitiful career deadlocked as you watch your loved once shot dead infront of you in a back alley. Do you know WHO you are fucking with? We're not some fucking pushover crew. We're ARASAKA. We don't give in to worthless fucks who come here to "break a news story that might hurt us".


Listen here. Your driver there? Yeah he's staying. You can leave. Tony. Merc him." *BANG* A mist of red slowly turns into a gaping hole where his chest cavity once was. Collapsing to his knees in the lotus position with a blank stare into the void. "Now, miss N54 News. Look at what YOU'VE done. Poor little fuck. In fact. Fuck this. You don't need both legs to drive an automatic do you? Tony, take her left leg off, clean below the knee!" *BANG* Sinew and bone shrapnel across the pavement, a clean crater behind her in the asphalt from the bullet chewing through her leg. "AAAAAAAH" The lady reporter falls over in on herself with a dread filled cold face. "Here, have a tourniquet. On the house.


Now get off my fucking pavement before you stain it any further. You've got 24 seconds to get in that shitbag of a car you've come in to leave the area before the next shot aims for something more vital. Good day to you, Karen. Enjoy your short career at N54. By the time you hit the city limit your life will be over. Maybe in more ways than one if you don't apply that tourniquet properly. Later." 


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    2595.4, 1446.13 Clothing Vendor Arroya - Santo Domingo

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