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Amethyspeed Nanoplastic Rally Bolero

Amethyspeed Nanoplastic Rally Bolero

€205.00 Regular Price
€10.25Sale Price

So you wanted to be the next legendary Icon of Night City. 
But all you have to your name is a few Binstagram posts about whatever buzzword and hype train is going on. No one cares. Really. No one really does.


Like. Like. Like. You've got your buddys super computer to try and harvest likes.

SEE ME! Embrace me into your LIVES!


You just want those sweet sweet sponsor deals. Yeeeeeeah. Ain't gonna lie.

You'd sell your soul to get those five digit eddies for posting an ass pic in a ugly thong.
Hell, you'd settle for FOUR digits like the cheap thot you are and post about anti aging creams that totally work. Totally. Totes choom..


*Users who liked this post. 1. You.*

Color: Purple
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