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Amethyspeed Nanoplastic Rally Bolero

Amethyspeed Nanoplastic Rally Bolero


Amethyspeed. Whatever the fuck that means. 

Nanoplastic.. I mean.. does the consumer really need to know what technology we use to make it?

Really? Like, they need to know if it's fucking dope and if it wears like a GOD.  

Give them some buzzwords like damn. Okay listen.

Heres how we sell this to marketing right. 


"Dope fucking Bolero that if you don't get right now, people WILL laugh at you. 

Look at that sad gonk not being able to afford the Ametyspeed Bolero! HAH!" 

See, you just gotta use some deep seeded doubt in people man. 

Use that social engineering to make them regret not spending their lease money on your jacket.

Just think how COOL you'd look with it man. Fuck.

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    Where: Container
    Location Info: -1559.024658, -449.659607, -11.824883,

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