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Animals Heavy Composite-plated Tactical Harness

Animals Heavy Composite-plated Tactical Harness



A simple gig. Boost a fast car. Take down a fast car on the way up to his hill penthouse. Zero the fuck and get his car before TT shows up. No problem. I live for this shit. Let's make some fucking eddies. 

Find the target driving fast up the mountain roads. Blast past him squeezing past just in time to feign a loss of control in front of him. Get out and blame him as he scratches the side of "your" car so you can get close enough so your special armor piercing bullets can pierce the heavily reinforced armored glass which again allows to  to quickhack his key from inside his faraday cage of a cockpit. Get out of there before maxtac and TT shows up. Man it was a thrilling ride. Going 200 down the winding roads in and out of traffic in afternoon sun, lights off. In and out of traffic. What a time to be ALIVE! Hook up with your favorite fixer and drop off the whip. Get home in time for your favorite death race series to broadcast. 

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  • Location of Item

    PCP, container outside ISOSCFI FS shop, just off the street; 3139.07, 1232.82 Clothing Vendor - Trailer Park - Badlands; 2559.01, 700.663 Clothing Vendor - Watson

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