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Anti-Shrapnel Hooded Bomber

Anti-Shrapnel Hooded Bomber


THE Bomber Jacket. With hoodie for extra comfort. 
Rumored to be the only bomber the legendary Fixer Adrienne "Valkyrie" Probos will wear these days.
With anti-shrapnel lining you'll be set to take a few searing hot fragmentation grenades at close-ish range with only the concussion to fuck with you. 

Only real leather. No synleather over here.

Will under ideal circumstances stop lower caliber tech and conventional rounds.

Though, to be safe we'd suggest getting your local clothing maker to sew in our additional soft armor package that will stop up to rifle. 
Hell, you can even get our ultra high end package and get it rated to 12.7 GRAD. That will however cost you. A LOT. 

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