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Arasaka Formal Jacket With Light Armorplating

Arasaka Formal Jacket With Light Armorplating



Tell me, Mirlande, what is it you most desire in this world? I've got the keys to the kingdom. But you've got to tell me who told you about the transport. We can't have a leak of that magnitude go unpunished. I know you want to protect your friend. But what I can give you in return is 50 thousand eddies and an upgraded apartment in downtown, free of rent for one year. A promotion to supervisor trainee. You know that's a golden deal. And you also know what Arasaka will do to you if you refuse. It's a win win Mirlande.


Don't make me call the dogs on you. I want to help you out of this bind. You're a beautifull and talented young woman. Rise to the top. Be the phoenix. Don't be dead." She mutters, looking around, life slowly draining out of her. "...It was Murdock in Accounting.. he...stumbled upon some files across his desk and showed them to me.. I guess... to show off... No one else knows.." The corpo agent smiles. "Thank you Mirlande. You've been of great help. Take this chip. Go home. We've never talked about this. This conversation never happend. Starting Monday you're new life is starting. Enjoy it. You've earned it. Don't think about what will happen to Murdock.


We already knew who the source was. We just wanted to see if we could trust you. Welcome to the family." The anonymous corpo agent walks off leaving her bewildered, tears filling up her eyes fogging up her large glasses. What has she done. Hopefully she'll learn to live with herself. The Corpo world takes and gives. But it mostly takes. A dog eat dog world.

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    2243.34, 1241.08 Stylishly - Wellsprings - Heywood; 2383.53, 1077.61 Jinguji - City Center

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