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Archer Hella Combat Cab Special Edition

Archer Hella Combat Cab Special Edition


The special edition Combat Cab made specifically for the 6th Street Gang. 
If you can't afford Delamain, this is your second option. Cheaper, less luxurious.. but still decent uparmored compared to a normal one. With run flat tires, light armoring of the main compartment, you'll be able to get from A - B in relative safety. Even has decent storage in the trunk.


With a whopping 225 HP under the hood you'll be getting from 0-60 in about 5 seconds flat. 
If you dump the clutch at least. And won't stop roaring until the limiter somewhere over 100 MPH. 
Only the really brave and stupid push this to it's top speed... 
Front wheel drive and a curb weight of 3794.. you won't be screaming through the corners.

But you'll get to your destination in at least a few pieces.


Cars should be made well... but never too well. Archer's board of directors learned this truth the hard way when, in 2023, they launched the first Hella series which proved so reliable and easy to repair that it nearly drove the company to bankruptcy. Many who bought a Hella in those days - for a generously affordable price, it's worth noting - often never found themselves on the car market again. Even today, more than fifty years later, Archer Hellas area fairly common sight on the streets of Night City. Of course, time has taken it's toll, leaving many of them rusted and screechy. Still, they continue to move people from A to B; that is, unless they crash into something along the way. In those cases, there isn't much left to rescue from the wreckage. Despite their functional reliability, the car body is manufactured cheap, brittle materials. Fortunately for most car owners, if you lose a bumper and a leg in the accident, both are easily replaceable.


  • Location of Item

    World spawn. Also able to get it if you have a mod to cycle appearance on vehicles. If latter, you can get it with your basic vehicle at any time.

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