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Armor-quilted Jacket

Armor-quilted Jacket



Jeremy, Jeremy, Jeremy.. I'm so dissapointed in you. Sitting here gambling away the eddies you owe us. Now why would you be doing something so fucking stupid? You should know by now we have eyes and ears everywhere. Did you really think you'd be able to make back the losses playing.. is that checkers? Chess? Are you fucking kidding me? You should have robbed a BANK if you wanted to get close. And we all know theres little of those around.


So tell me again, HOW is this going to pay back the debt you owe the Maelstrom? I'll tell you how. You owe  us 3689 Eddies. You made me and the gang come all the way out here in the boonies. That's another 6000 on top of the original debt for my time and effort. Now Every one of the guys are all riled up. so that's another 6000 on top of that again. But don't worry Jeremy. I've got a GREAT deal for you. We'll just take the debt out in body parts and broken bones. Each finger, 100 credits. Each major bone, 500 credits. Each tooth, 50 credits. Hell, you might just break even when we're done with you! Either that or you'll be dead. Either way, I'll be happy. The gang will be happy. I'm afraid I  can't say the same for you Jeremy.


I'm so... so disapointed in you. Boys, drag this waste of air into the warehouse and string him up. Get him plugged into the BD. We'll make back the change on the BD we're about to make of you. If you survive we'll be sure to implant a copy that goes on repeat the second you fall asleep, courtesy of Dum Dum. I'm sure you won't go insane for the first couple of nights. A week or two in though.. That's another story. Everyone else.. SCRAM!! 


Color: Black
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  • Location of Item

    2470.12, 715.035 Stylishly - Little China - Watson; 3139.07, 1232.82 Clothing Vendor - Trailer Park - Badlands

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