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Braindance Windbreaker

Braindance Windbreaker


Theres a saying in Japanese. 


Clealy they thought it meant for anyone messing with a Tyger Claw. Sadly for them though, you can't look someone over and know their back story. How lethal they are.


So the story goes like this:

Veteran of the corpo conflicts and merc Kovacs is on his nightly run down to get his favorite booze. He only goes to one place  because the bartender is a great sport to talk some shit with before calling it a night. 

Not tonight though. A gang of Tygers are boozing it up at his local spot making a ruccus. They see our guy Kovacs coming over to order a his normal drink and the drunk fucker closest shout out "あなたはマザーファッカーです、私があなたをゼロにする前に私のスペースから出てください!" 
Now. Kovacs knows Japanese. Even without a language translator he knows exactly what is being said. He gets his drink. Looks him up and down glaring a big grin and just leaves. And that's the end of that. Right? No. 

Ten minutes later he comes back. With a big fuck off katana. And just go to town on these 3 tygers. In a blink of the eye they are shredded to fucking bits. Throws a stack of eddies on the counter, nods to the barkeep and walks off like the most casual thing he's done all day. Like. What? Who does that! 

Anyway. rumor has it he was wearing a Braindance Windbreaker. I've ordered one for every choom I know man. No ones going to fuck with anyone wearing one of these anytime soon in fear of it being Kovacs.. A man of many faces. Shit.. 

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