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Brennan Apollo Road Version

Brennan Apollo Road Version


The Brennan Apollo Road Version is our most sophisticated on-road machine to date. A tarmac monster. With the same great suspension as our off-road version, you'll be able to hoon over curbs without breaking a sweat.


Need to escape down a flight of stairs? No problem. Soft as butter. Jump across a ditch away from an assailant? No problem. It will take it. 


The powerplant in the Brennan Apollo Road Version is rated at 94HP. It's a torque monster, and you'll be smiling from ear to ear going from 0-60 in about 3.7 seconds. It won't stop accelerating until it hits the gearbox limit at 137MPH at 10480 RPM. With its curb weight of 506, it's not the lightest of bikes but it's made that way to be extra sturdy. Designed to take a beating while also being agile and rideable in the big streets of Night City. 


Available in White & Red, Red & Black, Black & Silver, Green and Purple, Silver & Green. The White, Red and Black versions have our café racer front end, while the Green & Silver versions sport our sport/superbike front end.

  • Location of Item

    Currently only available through the general city parked traffic as far as we can tell unless you have a mod to change the apperannce of the bike you've already gotten. F.example the Apollo Scorpion or the Offroad version you can purchase for 94,000. 

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