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Camo Tactical Vest

Camo Tactical Vest


Hey you! Yeah you! Greasy fucking mustache guy! 

You look just like the guy that cut my sister across her face making her grotesque looking! 
Put down that fucking camera you bitch. 

You think you're a big fucking man cutting up a whore do you? 

That won't stand. Not in my fucking city. Not on my block.

Oh so the Valentinos own this block huh? Not for long. 

Because we're here to clean house of you and whoever bred your sorry ass.

May your god take mercy on your soul, because I will not...

Kameraden, Töte sie alle! FEUR FREI!

Color: Camo
  • Console Code


  • Location of Item

    Where: TBA
    Location Info: TBA

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