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Camo Western Fringe Vest

Camo Western Fringe Vest


Huge gun. Small hands.

Normally we'd put a dick joke in here but you've got no dick.

So good on you! You get a pass! Maybe. 

Your heroes are the cowboys of the previous eras.

You LARP with the best of them over at "Cowboys n' Long Barrels" Con each year. Show winner almost every year. 

At least until that bitch Remy came all skank like last year with no skills, no effort put into her outfit. Just a lot of side boob. 


....Anyway. Remy is now burried by the old mine shafts.

Fell down four hundred yards into a hole middle of the night. How clumsy.


This year. THIS year you'll be the queen of the west.

Nothing will stand in your way or god help you, you might just become nasty.

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    Where: TBA
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