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Comfy Tactical Thermoset-Padded Pants

Comfy Tactical Thermoset-Padded Pants


You ever snuck into the back room after a synthcoke bender?

Just to shake that ass to the low rumbling bass above? 

Without any clothing other than your comfy padded pants?

I think that tells you a lot about these pants. 

Even on a bender, it's the only thing comfertable enough to touch your soft human like skin.  What can we say.  It is what it is.


Just remember to wash it out after, because falling asleep and shitting your pants before the NCPD drags you out in the back alley to beat you senseless for the inconvinience.. don't blame our pants. They did they job great damnit! 

  • Console Code


  • Location of Item

    Console Coordinates:
    In a Container. -1712.352295, -400.564819, -16.476372


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