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Composite Ko Jaga Silk-Threaded Hotpants

Composite Ko Jaga Silk-Threaded Hotpants


So, there you were. No shirt, ALL service. Your normal run for the day.


Dad's a Corpo that never cared. Mom shot herself in the back of the head fifteen times after alleged infidelity. Case was closed 11.3 seconds after it opened. Mysterious circumstances? ...nah. About as open and shut as that one Epstein dude.


I'll just drown my sorrows in booze and outrageous acts of sodomy. What you hadn't anticipated was that the woman you had been putting your famous Borat moves on was, in fact, a student over at Dojo Master Ken. Yes. That Master Ken


Safe to say that when you settled in for your ultimate move, The Slav Sausage Bonanza...

...things took a turn for the worse.


The pain of a thousand suns went through your perfectly, painstakingly shaven balls all the way up through your spine, and for just one moment, to your stupid face before the world went black.


You regret ever being born. ...until the next happy hour when the cycle of abuse starts all over again.


Color: Gold
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    Where: TBA
    Item Location: TBA

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