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Cyan Thermoset Combat Camo Vest

Cyan Thermoset Combat Camo Vest


So you're  probably wondering - Why am I doing here after a double shift? 
Well I'll tell you. One of our chemical waste trucks crashed in the industrial area outside of town.

The fucking gonk behind the wheel fell asleep and threw chemical waste barrels right in the middle of a dirt intersection among the produce tents. 

Now that wouldnt have been to bad, we've got procedures in place for that.

No. The problem was half of the fucking barrels had half decayed midgets in them.

Yes. Fucking. MIDGETS! So now we're like. Is there a midget serial killer in NC?

Like who the FUCK does that? And dumping the bodies in OUR vats? 

I've got so many questions.. And yet I'm here being asked to clean it up! 

What?! Who the FUCK thought I was the right person for this? 

I make just  past minimum wage.. as a MANAGER.

Fuck this shit man. I don't get paid enough for this.

And yet, I can't quit because then I cant feed my child. 


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