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Daemon Hunter Resistance Coated Tank Top

Daemon Hunter Resistance Coated Tank Top

Japantown. On par with Kabuki's Flea Market when it comes to finding knicknacks for a cool-eyed Daemon Hunter like yourself.
Bits and bobs of tech that your average gonk would've dismissed as scrap, but which you can somehow turn into a legendary iconic smart shotgun. The best ramen this side of Night City. Or maybe you've got something bigger in mind: boosting a Type-66 because that gonk Hikari has crashed her car four times this week already, you're all out of parts, and no way in hell any of you are lending your cars to her. Seriously, how'd she ever pass the basic driving course in 'Saka training?
It's Japantown! The Cherry Blossom Market! Clouds! Jig-Jig Street! You might have to go looking, but you'll get it done! Just buy this top and you'll be GUARANTEED to always get your target, like a true Daemon Hunter! Even if it means you have to go to Doc Fingers.
  • Console Code


  • Location of Item

    Where: TBA
    Location Info: TBA

  • Mods used

    Set swap library (Holster and Gun): Nexus Mods, made by Padhiver

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