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Daemon Hunter Titanium Weave Ballistic Vest

Daemon Hunter Titanium Weave Ballistic Vest


You might be a threat to society. But you'll never be a Daemon Hunter. 
When cleaning up those gangs that poison the very city you love, you need a safety net.
That safety net is our Titanium Weave ballistic vest.

It won't fail. It wont shatter. It won't be penetrated. Unless they come with a hovertank you'll be fine.

Sadly for those who go up against you that might not be the same case.

Have you ever seen a Daemon Hunter punch their gorilla arm through someones ribcage and straight through to the other side? Well now you have. Brutal marketing. Realness. 

We'll leave the results of the Daemon Hunter photographers tag along with one of their top aces to give you an idea of the brutality they endure on otherwise hardened gang members. 

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