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Denki-shin Thermoset Hybrid Crystaljock Bomber

Denki-shin Thermoset Hybrid Crystaljock Bomber


Jealousy. The most bitter of feelings. When you just so happen to be street, and have the means to figure out everything to the last bit of 1s and 0s in the stream... you find out the truth real fast. And the truth is that unfaithful bitch needs to die. Blowing a kiss to a passer by right after leaving your crib. How disgraceful. She had to die. Respect on the street is everything. Does it make sense? No. But that's the life we live. 

  • Console Code

    Game.AddToInventory("Items.Jacket_01_rich_01", 1)

  • Location of Item

    Where: TBA
    Location Info: TBA

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