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Durable Synthetic Biker Coat

Durable Synthetic Biker Coat


Exclusive news from News 54. 

Reports just in. Tyger Claws gang member "Micro" battered to death by... uh... can we say this live on the air? A massive...15 inch.. rubber...cock.. Yes.. you heard it here first people..

The vigilante assailant has yet to be identified by authorities. 

The community has started a GoEatMe page for the hero they call

"Budget Blade"

The story is now trending in all viral media across the world.

Rumor has it Tyger Claw gang members are being hunted all over the city.


Coroners say they've never seen anything quite like it and had to have had serious memory wipes to their systems after witnessing the aftermath of the mayhem.

Color: Black
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