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Fitted 14-Carat Gold Lamê Dress

Fitted 14-Carat Gold Lamê Dress


This is the last time I join a corpo for a home visit. God damnit. He passes out after three humps flat and on my way out of this massive villa I get lost right, I swear. I'm walking around in this massive mansion with this minimalist architecture bullshit. On my life I'm going around for hours. 


Finally right, I get into this cellar and a fucking massive robot comes to life and just straight up tries to merc me! SWEAR ON MY SISTERS LIFE William. That's why I couldnt be here this morning to pick up little Timmy on time. I WAS FIGHTING FOR MY LIFE! This is why we got a divorce you know! You NEVER Trust me. NEVER! ARGH! TIMMY! COME HERE, WE'RE GOING FOR ICE CREAM! 

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