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Flight Jacket with Rubber-Plate Insets

Flight Jacket with Rubber-Plate Insets


You own this god forsaken city.

The animal inside you sneer at those corpo bastards sitting in their high towers looking down on you. You might never make it there, but if you do... It will be with a bloody baseball bat. 


Don't mistake this feeling for something it isnt. Lifes hard. But by god will you make sure it get's a little better for your fellow man. With our inset rubber plates you'll be able to go toe to toe with the best of them in a street brawl. 

Those corpo armored suits don't mean shit when your bat comes to town. Theres no excuse. They give you lip you split that melon.

And you don't stop until Maxtac or Trauma comes swooping in. 

Welcome to night city. Buy the best. Be the best. Be you.

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