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Graffiti Carbon-Composite Edgerunner

Graffiti Carbon-Composite Edgerunner


Worn during the day hit on notorious Arasaka Henchman Oishi Mamoru, ironically being sat in a Militech vehicle at the time. 


Witnesses were notoriously uneven in their statements and CCTV coverage could only distinguish the Apollo the assailant drove up onto the pavement, jumped off and emptied two barrels of special titanium slugs into the side of the vehicle.

Oishi Mamoru perished instantly before Trauma Team could even arrive on the scene to assist.


Maxtac was sent after but lost them in the back alleys after an intense 2 minute chase.

Tested and proven, the carbon-composite lining makes this one of the better choices for low caliber protection in the inner city. 


Worn by hoodlooms and your choombas and anyone inbetween. 

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