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Heavy-Duty Oro Floreciente Armor-Weave Cargo Pants

Heavy-Duty Oro Floreciente Armor-Weave Cargo Pants


Once you've gotten the bug, there's no going back.

The road takes everything, and it never gives it back.

You'll want it more and more until it can only let you down. 

It's like chasing the dragon, but the dragon will let you sniff it's tail every time you drop a new gear. It's mesmerizing. It's...beautiful. 

The Oro Floreciente heavy-duty pants will last any person a lifetime. They  wear through and show the lighter colored armor weave in due time, but it wont go further.

It's a mix of the desert and the hard rocks you jump at night. 


The roses shine through the harsh leather exterior and eventually fade away as the pants wear naturally.

It's just one of those things. Beauty can't stay forever. But you'll try. The beauty makes place for memories. And those.. those never fade. 


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