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Heavy Shock-Absorbent Solo Jacket

Heavy Shock-Absorbent Solo Jacket


Listen, Mr. Deputy Mayor Holt.. What you are asking is doable. 
I've got some contacts that can get your step daugheter out of the city into rehab on the down low. 

We'll need to erase all the footage from the club the last few hours.
Grease some people up to make sure no one remember shit. But it's doable.. for a price. 
25000 credits. Half now, half when she's clean. A fair price to stop a scandal, no? 

Frankly, it's a bargain. You can't afford having the public know your bribe money goes towards her crippling addiciton. I mean.. look at the poor soul. She doesnt know if its day or night. If shes dead or alive. Don't fuck me over. I'm keeping a copy of the video evidence as insurance until the second half of my payment is paid. Don't take it personal. Strictly business. Keep an eye on her while I get in contact with my people. 25 minutes and she'll be off your hands. Mr Deputy Mayor. Always a pleasure.

  • Console Code

    Game.AddToInventory("Items.Solo_01_Set_Jacket", 1)

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