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Impact-absorbent Padded Biker Vest

Impact-absorbent Padded Biker Vest


"Command, this is Necromancer 1-1. Situation spinning out of control. How copy."
"Necromancer 1-1. Command. We see they are herding the two engineers into the courtyard on thermals. Can you interfere, over"
"Command, that's a-firm. But the odds are shit. My QRF is 2 minutes out. You still want me to go in? No guarantee on hostage lives. How copy". 
"Necromancer 1-1. Command. Execute. Execute. Execute. Scorched earth. No bodies. Full white wash. This can't get back to the agency. Understood?" 
"Command...understood. Executing. Get QRF to setup cordon around my location, one block out. Exfill in 5 minutes.  Necromancer 1-1 Out. "

Color: Black
  • Console Code


  • Location of Item

    2381.88, 554.689 Ded-Zed - Northside; 2443.33,

    1159.65 Avante Corpo Plaza - City Center

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