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Kang Tao Metalstitch Aramid Vest

Kang Tao Metalstitch Aramid Vest


Ma'am. We've laser scanned the interior and found an issue with the dimensions. 
No other hidden spaces found. Working on sweeping the interior and exterior for devices.
One target found in space. Eliminated. 

Sir. We appreciate the call. This isnt something we normally take on, but having an ally in office is always a good look. We're combing through all possibilities at the moment. Rest assured Kang Tao will keep you safe. We appreciate your need to keep this incident..isolated. The doctors are working on certain... substances that might counteract any problem we find. Still analyzing a lot of data from the servers. For now, please stay within the security bubble. Let our people do their jobs. I promise you we'll get to the bottom of this. At that point you'll have the options laid out infront of you. 

I assume you don't know this person laying on the floor. He gave us some real resistance. We'll try our best to retrieve something from his box. No promises though. He fired upon the robots the second they opened the door. To strong to keep down. Some serious cybernetics.  We'll escalate this as far as needed sir. Though it will cost you. Both credits and...well, you get the idea. 

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    Where: TBA
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