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Kang Tao Reinforced Tactical Vest

Kang Tao Reinforced Tactical Vest


** Debrief #13121/32. MaxTac Purchase - Grey Budget **

We've sold a shipment of spider drones to MaxTac through our inhouse front in Kang Tao.
In return we've gotten some good intel on the black wall. There's a lot of data to sift through.
This is going to be massive for us. After all this time. We might just have the key to our problem.


Agent #232 "Valkyr" and Agent # 391 "Krink" is on the case. 
Various means of decrypting the data gathered is underway. 
New brief will be given to the director of psyops tomorrow to go over certain operational requirements for this next step. 

Color: Black
  • Console Code


  • Location of Item

    2470.12, 715.035 Stylishly - Little China - Watson; 3139.07, 1232.82 Clothing Vendor - Trailer Park - Badlands

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