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Kawaii Arumoru Bulletproof Deltajock Jacket

Kawaii Arumoru Bulletproof Deltajock Jacket


Oh, Karen... I'm pretty sure my guys told you to get the fuck off the block.
We've told you multiple times to keep your smoothbrain out of our god damn business..
I know you're a miserable cunt, but at the very least do so alone in peace. 
Don't hassle our guys on the corners.. that's bad for business. And when business is bad, hammers get real itchy, Karen..

I'll tell you what. I'm a reasonable business woman. If I ever see, hear or even smell your foul breath on my block again I'm cutting your tongue out. Sounds fair? Good.
Now FUCK OFF! Your stinking up the whole block with your negative energy! *bang bang bang*  

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