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Lazr-mosaic Anti-shrapnel Rockerjack

Lazr-mosaic Anti-shrapnel Rockerjack


Night City leaves its mark on all who step foot here, and in its own unique way. Some make it big. Some learn life lessons. Some, somehow, manage to escape before they lose everything. In most cases, most die.


In your case, it’s turned you weird. Look at you. You came here a practical sort. Simple crop top, vest and jeans. All the clothing you’d ever need. 


Now you obsess over fashion. You wear the weirdest things. You go to some weird places hoping to find something new, and you mark down every location you find stuff in. You make dramatic poses in random places you think have atmosphere, ignoring the weird looks you get from people on the street. And sometimes you jack cars off the streets simply because they match your outfit. Look at this Shion. Doesn’t it go awesome with your clothes?


Speaking of Shions, Tomi-chan has been calling non-stop about her Targa… maybe you should return it before she goes all ‘Saka ninja on you. You’d meant to, but that corpo-gonk shoot... argh!

  • Console Code


  • Location of Item

    Console  Coordinates
    -1639.352783, 1234.118530, 17.425735 Corpse

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