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Light Cherry Jinn Anti-shrapnel Denim Jacket

Light Cherry Jinn Anti-shrapnel Denim Jacket



Arasaka. Welcome to the greatest show on earth.  We are the White Dove.
I'm happy to announce the delivery of four bags filled with highly concentrated nerve agents to your facilities around the city. We really don't appreciate you going after innocent protestors like that.
You see, your assault on our safe houses might have given you a slight advantage momentarily. just sharpened our conviction. 

The screen behind me will by the time you see this have broadcasted the execute orders for the people carrying the bags into your locations. I hope your ventilation system has some preem filters..
Anyhow... Since your assault forces....fucking terrorists... refuse to take prisoners, we'll return the favor. 
This, my dear Arasaka, is one of your board members. Now, normally, we'd ransom her for some of our prisoners... I'm sure you can see where this is going... Right? 

You'll see the white doves fly across the sky. As your destructive polution rises to the sky, our feathers will only make us darker. Harder to spot. May our feathers fall upon you laced in your own pollution. Suffocating you all. Our peacefull protests did nothing. Now feel our wrath.

Goodnight, Arasaka. Enjoy the feathers. *Wait, No.. please don't.. I've got a fam- *click - BA-* 

*End of recording*

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