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Low-Profile Tac Vest with 3D Panels

Low-Profile Tac Vest with 3D Panels


Hi there champ. I've heard about your up and coming success down here in the shithole you call home, I mean, I'm just being honest. - Hey now - don't give me that look. See these gentlemen to my sides? No boxing will save you from being sold as sashimi on the corner if you lift a hand towards me in anger. 


Now - on to business. I'm Debbie from Arasaka marketing, I'm out of work for the day and I'm sure that's causing a mayhem back at the offices - but I was told you'd be worth the trip. The longer I stay the more annoying this cumbersome armor is.. The sacrifices I make to go to this side of town - Am I rite?! HAHA! Anyway - We're throwing an annual death match at the office and figured you might want to be up for it? The credits are in another league. Your body might be destroyed but if you accept we will make sure to hook you up with a basic body to start over if you loose. 100,000,- to the winner. One night only. The winners have gone on to fame and glory in the underground scene living like kings. 


This offer leaves the second I step out of this filthy ring, understand? Take a minute to think it over - but only one. I've got better places to be handsome. Tick-tock. 

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