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Magenta Bee Trilayer Hybrid Puffer Vest

Magenta Bee Trilayer Hybrid Puffer Vest


This is Archangel. Hit on Lupe Mendoza is a go. I say again. Go.

Only public executions will garner full sum. We want them to fear us.

No back alley mugging and stabbings. Daytime middle of the street type shit. Send a message.

Credits of 43000 will be transfered to anyone with proof of death in a secure isk holding pocket.

Upon official confirmation of death from coroner, the funds will be instantly released into your prefered shell account. 
Make the bitch pay for the holotapes she released showing the cartel in bad light. No remorse.

If original holotapes are found, the contract price will be doubled. Tripled if only copy can be confirmed.
Happy hunting you sick fucks.
Archangel out.


  • Console Code


  • Location of Item

    2910.22, 1417.54 Stylishly - Rancho Coronado - Santo Domingo

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