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Makigai MaiMai P126

Makigai MaiMai P126


With a preem engine with a whopping 126 WILD horse power, this little beast will get you both INTO the club, and to your favorite yatch all while humble bragging the hell out of your entourage. 

"Oh, Silvia, Darling, I drive the MaiMai P126 to not make the poors feel to bad about their life. It even fits on my super yatch, HAH! I can even drive it all the way into the yatch club so the bartender can throw me in once I'm to drunk to walk, SPLENDID I tell you, SPLENDID! 

Get yours today from aa pawn shop near you. 

  • How to Buy

    The Makigai MaiMai P126 in Cyberpunk 2077 is made available for purchase when roaming the district of Westbrook. You will receive a text message from the local Fixer, offering you the vehicle.

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