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Maxiwear Motorcycle Suit

Maxiwear Motorcycle Suit


Maxiwear. You know, our first studies into the name made some people think we were a brand for pregnant women. I fucking kid you not. They weren't laughing when they  were taken out back and shot though, hah! Fuck that's some dark shit. I'm sorry for laughing. It's not funny. I was scared shitless. Freaking pchycopaths..

This continued for a couple of months until no one would show up anymore. 
In one month we went from "Is that preggo wear?!" to

"Those fucking pchycopaths all wear maxiwear!!! RUN!!".

Great marketing, no?! 

Anyhooow. Buy our maxiwear motorcycle suit. Be a pchycopath. Or don't. Either way people will shit their pants when you pass them. Unless you're a bitch. In that case, well, not everything can be fixed with fly looking apparel! I'm looking at you,Subreme! Hah! Fake ass bitch... ANYWAY! 

For the absolute banger price of 666 credits, hail satan, you can also become a heathen of the city. 
Welcome to Sin City. Don't tarnish our name or we'll tarnish your guts outside your home, just kidding! Hah...ha...h. (:

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