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Maxtac Tactical Helmet with Multifunction Infovisor

Maxtac Tactical Helmet with Multifunction Infovisor


Currently not obtainable without console cheats


Have you ever wondered what "overkill" is in the definition of a helmet? This is it. The most hardcore motherfucking helmet ever made. IR, Thermals, Lidar, you name it, we got it. You thought you were safe behind that foliage? Nope. Behind that light wall? Don't make me laugh kid. 

For the alpha predators of Night city, Maxtac hunt. They hunt good. The feast on your fears creeping into the darkness before striking out like a savage wild animal. Fear the dark. Fear us. Because you'll see no mercy when the six domes of green come silent as a night whisper through these back alleys for you. 

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