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Microplate-lined Camo Vest

Microplate-lined Camo Vest


Chooms. We've beefed up your rides a few notches for the upcoming gig. Some more chassis reinforcements to be able to do some serious t-bone action without ever having to worry about the wheels falling off. Your whiplash might be another thing.. but at least you'll get back alive. 

Engines beefed up with the newest bits and bobs we can get our hands on. Don't let the exteriors fool you. These bad boys run like hell. Will easily outrun any run of the mill corpo high speed chasers. 
Both on and off the pavement. Made to night city badlands dakar standards. 

The windows have been changed out to polymer reinforced lexan of some serious thickness to stop all but the biggest rounds. Cockpits been reinforced with some special inserts to stop up to grad rounds. IED jammers standard, on the house! Good luck chooms!

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  • Location of Item

    3139.07, 1232.82 Clothing Vendor - Trailer Park - Badlands

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