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For when discreet but heavily armored is the norm, you need one of these. 
The hexagons do a great job at distributing the kinetic energy on impact from projectiles and tech weapons alike minimizing bruising on the other side! 

Used during the legendary hostage rescue mission of Tech Emperium CEO A.Westcott. 
A crack team of urban operators from the secretive direct action element of "Bart Force One" made their way into the Arasaka safe house deep in night city slums.

The GIG of legends. The high tech safehouse with a crack interogation team and Arasaka special forces stood no chance.


The team moved from room to room clearing, covering off and  moving deeper, shooting as they moved under heavy fire. A stack of death moving through the hallways with supressed M221 Saratogas dropping hot brass like a golden sea in their wake. Supressing and throwing flashbangs as they moved up the tight twisting corridors.


After a 15 minute intense firefight, A. Westscott was found in the interrogation room. Heavily diminished but alive.  Extracted to the roof after the team blasted a straight column up through the apartment complex to the shock of tentants that suddently had a man hole sized hole 18 stories up and a 6 man team with VIP skyhooking up with high tech battery driven drives on a cable.


A specialist came swooping in with a stealth fitted aerodyne flying nap of the earth all the way in before blasting it in full opposite thrust vibrating the ever living shit out of the buildings around while setting down on the rooftop. MaxTac hot on their heels and Arasaka reinforcements scrambling to the site. With the expertly defensive flying from Ace Merc Pilot "Catpain" they got out of it and set down on the outskirts of the town. 

Five hours later the CEO was back in his apartment being debriefed by internal security. 
The Corpo that had approved the black op kidnapping of A.Westcott mysteriously vanished off the earth only a few days later. Rumored to have been carried out by the same crack team of mercs that got him out. All we know is. When you need the best. Buy the best. Buy from us.

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