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Militech Armorfiber Tactical Harness

Militech Armorfiber Tactical Harness


We've got a clandestine meeting tonight boys. 
I need you on your best behavior. Bad part of town.
Meeting a new informant. Seems a bit..skittish. 
You know the drill. Infil during the darkness. Set up shop for half an hour at most. Get the fuck out without a fuzz. Plenty of civvies around so be mindfull of overpenetration if we get into a scrap. 
I've got Wolf 1-2 and Chimera 3-2 on QRF duties around the target building. 
We've done this a hundred times. This time won't be any different. 
If it pops off we exfil under fire and an AV will pick us up outside the target on in blue sector.
Any questions? No. Good. Let's roll gents. 

  • Console Code


  • Location of item

    1159.65 Avante Corpo Plaza - City Center; 2910.22, 1417.54 Stylishly - Rancho Coronado - Santo Domingo

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