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Muddy Ncpd Vest

Muddy Ncpd Vest


*Start of recording. NCPD Undercover Agent "Doomhammer". Bodycam 22.02.2077*

"Dispatch, this is Uniform Zero Niner. Please advice. Gang activity on the corner of Seventy seventh and parker avenue, over" Nothing. Fuck. Jammers. These fucking hoodlooms are getting smarter by the day. Short wave radio freq jammers. Hard to locate. Means some serious shit is about to go down.
Keying the red button on her vest for 999 alert to get units to the location ASAP. 

NCPD! Stay put! Don't look at me! Get down on the fucking ground! I said, GET DOWN! 
*Juliet Niner Nine. Send the robo dogs. I say again, send the robo dogs!* Don't fucking approach me with those irons boys. I'll blow a hole clean through your thick fucking skull! I SAID STAY BACK! *BANG*  Next one will be aimed at you hot shot! Now, chooms, GET THE FUCK DOWN! DOWN! NOW! I SAID DON'T LOOK AT ME! NOW STAY PUT! 

*End of recording. NCPD Undercover Agent "Doomhammer". Bodycam 22.02.2077*

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