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Natsunoshio Protective-Mesh Tracksuit

Natsunoshio Protective-Mesh Tracksuit


You've found some old holoreels. They show you something long forgotten in the chaos of the modern day city. It's something you've thought would not be possible. Superhuman even. And yet, you want to do it. To master it. To be the best. 

In a city with the technology of AI masters at every corner, who would drive their own car? Would you? What would it give you that AI couldnt? Well then. Let me explain

Since that day, the only thing you've ever wanted was to push yourself and your Shion to the limit of possibility. So you became a mechanic to make sure it always had the finest of engine services. The finest engineering available to you in the badlands. And just like that..


The Coyote. 570 snarling and angry horse power. All-wheel drive. And just like that...You've become like those monsters in the reels. Free. On the edge through every fear inducing turn of joy. A pucker factor set to 9000 at all times. But my god. You can't let it go. And you never will. Not even...for a second.

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