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Neokitsch Pasion Purpura Polyamide Foldtop

Neokitsch Pasion Purpura Polyamide Foldtop


Good morning mr. Fang. 
I'm part of Mrs Hekmatyars forward observation group. 
We'd like to rent your fine establishment for the day. 
Any unforseen damages will obviously be paid in full by Mrs Hekmatyars. 
How does 12000 credits up front, give us the key for the day and we'll be out of here by tomorrow morning. Sound good? Great. Great. Wiring the credits your way. 
Now if you wouldnt mind mr Fang, could you kindly fuck off? Arigato! 

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    Clothing Shops: Stylishly - Wellsprings - Heywood

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