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Old Banana Juice Neotac Pants

Old Banana Juice Neotac Pants


Do you need something for a big gig? 
Maybe you've just got a Banana Dick and want to show your true colors.
We're not judging. We really ain't. *snicker*

Banan-I mean Yellow. Yes. They're yellow. And pink. Safe to say, they look pretty badass. 
IF you're strapping these on as a dude you might have to scream "NO HOMO" before you blast a fool in the face with your knee though as onlookers might think you're asking for some banana dick... 

Fuck, now that word is stuck in my head. Banana Dick, Banana Dick..

Maybe I can get a record deal with MC Lil' Cactus... That's some tight lyrics coming to me. Yeah yeah. Banana dick, stick in in your bitch. Like a cheap slit. Brap brap brap. BRAP BRAP BRAP. OH GOD MAKE IT STO-BRAPBRAPBRAP.

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