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Old Camo Shoulder Straps

Old Camo Shoulder Straps


So you need to pull some bodies. 

You jerry rig it to the back of your sturdy straps.

Blow a chunk in the window and eye the lenght of sheets you'll need to get down fast but safe. Polizei! Polizei! The door is hammered on. 

A short burst from your SMG through the wall to keep them away. 
Time to go. She jumps out, the bodies violently recoiling into the windows frame. 
A SNAP just in time as you're about 25 feet up in the air still landing cleanly thanks to your cybernetic legs. The dead won't mind their broken bones. 

Stroll off into the night as you leave the straps behind on the sidewalk. 

Just another day, another gig. Some extra eddies to make life bearable.

Color: Camo
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    Where: TBA
    Location Info: TBA

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